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6. Export any drawing to emf, bitmap or wmf files.

UCCDraw ActiveX Control for .NET is packaged as a set of samples, ready-to-use graphical symbols, and a full-featured software development kit (SDK), completely accessible from the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment. Written entirely in VC++, it can be accessed from any of the .NET platform languages (such as C# or Visual Basic, etc).

By default, any drawing with UCCDraw can be exported to DIB, emf or wmf files (You can also export to jpeg file, but this feature need to tell us for adding for you if you need).

1. Over 130 Default shapes that can be used for building your own application.

2. With shape designer you can create any kind of composite shapes that supports drag and drop.

3. UCCDraw ships a Visio 2007 like toolbox window.

4. UCCDraw has the world leading drawing, editing , layout features.

5. UCCDraw supports full control of printing for any drawing.

6. Export any drawing to emf, bitmap or wmf files.

7. Add as many connect points to any nodes.

8. Create links between two connect points (Port).

9. Navigate the links or nodes that linked.

10. Multiple records Label print component or Report print.

11. Adding,  Changing or setting User Property Value.

12. Running time and Design Mode.

13. Why you need UCCDraw Flow Diagram Component?

14. Download UCCDraw ActiveX Control before you buy?



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