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14. Download UCCDraw ActiveX Control before you buy?

No royalty or runtime fees...
means you can freely distribute any application using UCanCode Products  without worry, use of the UCanCode Products is royalty free! After your purchase no additional fees are required, you can use the components indefinitely!

Our innovative and efficient software components enable our users to shorten product development time and to offer fast, reliable software solutions

For more information, contact your sales representative at

"To date, the reliability and performance of the Form++ Library have been tested through many kinds of diagramming/flowchart- related software of ucancode customers around the World. The Form++ Library now used in over 40 countries!"

Before you buy UCCDraw ActiveX Control, we recommend you try it before, a full featured evaluation kit is ready, you can download it as below:

Try before you buy.

Download UCCDraw ActiveX Control Eval kit
It contains over 10 samples, and prebuild OCX Control and documents.

How to order UCCDraw ActiveX Control Enterprise Edition?

Single Team Project License 12000 (RENMINBI: YUAN)
Introductory price for new customers.

Full Source Code?

The 100% source codes of UCCDraw can be purchased with E-Form++ Enterprise Edition. You can purchase it with the following page:

(Buy Source Code)

Consulting Services

UCanCode Consulting Services offer a full range of services to help you implement your diagramming requirements. 

13. Why you need UCCDraw Flow Diagram Component?



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